1.2 Release Notes


Has Migrations

Features & Improvements

  • Updated subscription management
    • Added subscription parts as through model for the subscription - type mapping
    • Removed all active and cancelled flags. From now on only the corresponding dates are used to calculate the state of a subscription, extrasubscrion or subscription part.
    • The new permissions for the subscription part model must be given to the users that manage subscriptions
  • Enabled emails to job participants for area admin
  • More display and filter fields as well as new help texts in the admin section
  • Recurring jobs can now override the duration for specific instances
  • Show share id on the export
  • Added FROM_FILTER setting
  • Email sending has been completely overhauled, including grouping certain emails in threads
  • Added documentation for theming an juntagrico instance
  • Rewrite of depot list generation to be more performant and extensible
  • Allow to disable email in management list
  • Refactor of subscription part selection using form objects


  • Fix in subscription part selection (only integers allowed)
  • Fix in share created mail
  • Fix for email address parsing for python 3.8
  • Fix in depot list change
  • Prevent job overassignment
  • Fixes in job overview page
  • Various timezone related fixes
  • Using logging instead of print in all places
  • Minor bugfixes and fixed typos


Has migrations

  • Various date related fixes for subscription change cancellation and job copying
  • Recuring jobs can no have instance specific additional descriptions
  • Extra subscription and types can now be hidden on the depot list
  • The depot overview list is now grouped by day and contains a total
  • Jobs can now have an infinite number of participants
  • Job types can be hidden
  • Fix for the coordinator bug


Has no migrations

  • Fix in subscription change view bug from version 1.2.0


Has migrations

  • Mailer code refactored, new permissions to be notified when a member, subscription or share is created or canceled
  • Jobs are visible if they are on the same day even if they have already started
  • Job time changed bugfix
  • Removed google maps and corresponding setting
  • Members can leave subscription
  • Main member can be changed by Members themselfes
  • Non share holders are deactivated when subscription is deactivated
  • Better gender texts
  • Billing stubs are remoived to extension
  • Fix in upcoming jobs widget
  • Fix in cancelation date calculation
  • Fix in Co Member adding