1.1 Release Notes


Has migrations

  • Added Cookie consent
  • Design a bit more responsive
  • Job display name used where possible
  • Updated share management
  • Added user management to deactivate canceled users
  • Fix in welcome mail
  • Fix in Subscription deactivation
  • Links in emails work now also for internal links
  • Old subscriptions are now visible in Member admin
  • Fixed small bug in the size change


Has no migrations

  • personal template loader removed adapt your settings accordingly
  • Added crispy-forms
    • Add CRISPY_TEMPLATE_PACK = ‘bootstrap4’ to settings
    • Add ‘crispy_forms’ to INSTALLED_APPS
  • CSS class ‘juntagrico_logo’ is deprecated. Use ‘juntagrico-logo’ instead
  • make sure users are logged out at sign up
  • fix false message in job cancellation message
  • added time to job search field in admin area
  • fix broken deliveries
  • fix text in subscription cancellation email
  • fix for member add in admin area
  • improvement of area overview
  • descriptions allow now newlines and urls
  • direct link from job overview to job entity in admin area
  • job not directly deleted if members assigned
  • fix for test data generation
  • fix false date comparison in size change
  • users can now have multiple subscriptions
  • fix reply to error in mailing
  • new right to edit past jobs
  • reworked addons hooks, so that caching is obsolete (settings can be removed)
  • fix cancelling inactive subscription fails if it has extra subs
  • user menu rewrite
  • lifecycle and consistency check code rewritten
  • rewrote urls to use path and names
  • depot list support now emojis
  • major template rewrites. Check custom css besides custom logos


Has migrations

  • New setting GDPR_INFO to make it EU compliant
  • Introduced Products in order to have multiple sizes for different Products. on existing Instances a default product called Product will be added
  • Added gettext so that strings can be translated
  • Texts where adapted
  • Shares are controlled more thoroughly if enabled
  • Possibility to easily pay back canceled shares by generating iso20022 pain001 xml file
  • Only active subscriptions and members are shown in the filters
  • Better sorting in the filters, also added textmarkers to be able to use better regex filtering
  • Next jobs bug fixed so that all see there next jobs
  • Subscription list bug with the duplicate subscription was fixed
  • More information shown for Assignemnts on the admin overview page
  • upgraded requirements
  • added menu hooks for apps


Has migrations

  • Work in progress
  • Ability to display messages at the bottom of depot lists. Added in the data administration.
  • Area admins are now informed when a member leaves their activity area
  • New setting ORGANISATION_NAME_CONFIG to enrich the organisation name
  • made texts more neutral on context of the organisation type
  • added new setting ENABLE_SHARES to enable or disable all share related functions
  • upgrade to bootstrap 4.1.3
  • upgraded requirements
  • added possibility to imitate special dates when activating and deactivating subscriptions and extrasubscriptions
  • overhauled mail stuff. possibility to exchange mail sending code with the following setting DEFAULT_MAILER
  • possibility to hide subscription sizes in subscription creation


Has migrations

  • Fixed various errors and bugs in the onboarding process
  • Other various bugfixes


Has migrations

  • Fixed profile error
  • IBAN field not nullable blank used for no value


No migrations

  • Fixed Typo in Billable
  • Empty strings as default for settings containing an url t a document
  • Empty url configs prevent link from being displayed in templates
  • fix for writing list and paid shares
  • empty strings in profile IBAN field form are not validated anymore
  • doc updated
  • error in onetime job fixed